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Fall 2019


- Parkour, obstacle courses, boxing/ninjas and physical challenges

- Special effects makeup

- Helping take care of puppies and other animals. The latest round of puppies were 2 retrievers and 2 german shepard mix (if anyone is looking to adopt)

- building stuff

- playing pranks

- Reading to mom or cousins

- Playing the piano/music

- Hanging out with his papa

Helping around the house

-Using his tools

Current favorites

Color: Red

Car: Mustang and race cars

Superhero: Spiderman

Sport: Basketball and boxing

Food: Peas with potatoes/eggs

Song: Post Malone- Sunflower, most post malone songs

Movie: Spiderman spider verse

Current crush: Wonder woman and Shank (Wreck it Ralph) and mom


Shirt: 5/6 could be 6/7 soon

Pants: 5

Shoes: 13/boys1

Costumes:Generally 6


Jackson really enjoys school and hanging out with his friends. He has already started ditching me constantly to go hang out with them. His class went to the pumpkin patch on a field trip and he had the time of his life going down the giant slide and playing in the corn pit (I caught him with a pocket full of corn kernels when we got home because he wanted to bring them home and grow a corn maze). He eats SOOO much now and everyone who see's him comments on how much he is growing. I buy his clothes so I'm aware. I barely get the tags off before he outgrows things! He had a great time at the cabin riding the 4 wheelers and fishing with his uncles and cousins. He has really gotten into Parkour and boxing lately so I take him to a gym out here to box and hopefully get rid of some of that pent up energy! He still loves Youtube cars, superheroes, and Spiderman. He's also gotten into the Power rangers lately. For Halloween he was Captain America, Dash (from Incredibles), spiderman and the red power ranger (because of someone we know who apparently was also a power ranger for Halloween as a child). We went to lots of Halloween events/trunk or treats. I accidentally took him to an adult level Haunted house because it was a kids event and I thought it was a kids spook alley. It was pretty scary in there so I thought I traumatized him, but thankfully his "aunt" Aleena does special effects makeup and he likes to watch them/follow along ( I can't even tell you how much fake blood he's gotten all over the house.) after the haunted house he wasn't scared because he knew it was just makeup. On Halloween he went trick or treating with his friends and their dad. It was freezing but he stayed out for an hr and a half because he wanted to fill his entire bucket with candy. He had a cavity :/ so I have been holding his candy hostage. He's excited for the holidays and can't wait for his birthday.

Spring/Summer 2019


-Dressing himself and making up his own outfits

-Making things/experiments

Night games with the neighborhood kids

-Running, race cars, and anything that has to do with going fast

- He loves going for rides, rolling the windows down, and jamming out. (He also loves to critique my driving)

Current Favorites

Color: Red

Car: Mustang and race cars

Superhero: Flash & Dash

Sport: Basketball

Food: Pizza, oranges, and potatoes with peas mixed in

Song: Post Malone- Sunflower, Sam Hunt- Body like a back road, and lots of different rock songs.

Movie: Spiderman

Current crush: Wonder woman and Shank (Wreck it Ralph)


We have been doing a lot of the usual summer things this year. Lots of swimming at the pool and paddle boards/boating at the lake.

I took him on a hike to see the waterfall and he made it all the way to the top even though he fell a lot and got cut. When he was covered in mud and bleeding I asked him if he wanted to go home but he said he wanted to go all the way to the top because he doesn’t give up.

He joined the Spartan race and finished, won some goldfish at the carnival, wants to learn how to play sports and plays whenever he can, he was in the Kaysville parade with his aunt’s jeep group, he was part of his grandpa’s wedding, loves to work on grandpa’s new house with him, spends a lot of time around his neighborhood friends, and loves to be around his family/other kids.

Fall/Winter 2018

Update on Jackson: He's 4 now and growing so fast! He grows out of clothes faster than any of us can keep up. He is still obsessed with cars and trucks so we do a lot of things that revolve around that. He has decided he wants to play sports this summer so that he can "win a trophy".

He's somewhat artistic and recently decided to take his bath crayons (Thankfully they wash easily!) and make a huge art mural on the living room wall. He even got a step stool involved so he could cover more space.

He's been on a the usual vacations this year (Vegas, L.A., and Phoenix). He likes to build elaborate car structures with blocks at the library, visit the museum and aquarium frequently, and shake people down for toys and presents :-/

His aunt is raising these rare gigantic puppies so now he wants a 90 lb puppy despite the fact that it's head weighs more than his whole body. He loves to prank people and pulls pranks on me all the time. He can't wait for summer activities to start like hiking, boating, traveling, car shows, and sports.