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What is the Untamed lifestyle?

To us Untamed means living life to the fullest without letting anything hold you back.

Click one of the buttons above to get more information on how you can start living your life Untamed.

Team Bucket List

A big part of living Untamed is having the courage to go after your dreams no matter how big or small, without letting anything hold you back. The first step of accomplishing anything is to share your dream with others. As a team we have compiled a list of the things we would like to do on our bucket lists and we make it a priority to help each other accomplish those goals. Our team list is posted publicly so you can follow along in our adventures as we strive to complete our lists. See what's on our list, see photos of the items we have crossed off, and find links to the stories from each item on our blog. Feel free to leave your list items in the comments at the bottom of the page. Often times our fans inspire us to dream bigger.

Lifestyle Grants

How many times have you had a dream in mind but the only thing standing in your way was the money to make it happen? Well your in luck! Untamed is now offering lifestyle grants in different amounts to help our fans accomplish their goals and start living an Untamed lifestyle.

We Give Back

Feel good about your involvement with Untamed by knowing that you are giving back to those in need. At Untamed we put high priority on making sure we are giving back and contributing to our communities in positive ways. We stress the importance of everyday small acts of kindness to our team and also try to do at least one group volunteer project a month.

Get rewards for living Untamed

Are you already living an Untamed lifestyle? Show us! Send in your pics for our ambassador pic of the week and get rewards like a $50 credit to our web store, cash prizes, adventure experiences, and more!


Visit our web store to purchase items that fit your lifestyle while maintaining your unique sense of style and comfort. Items are limited edition and sell out quickly so be sure to stock up before we run out!

Our Blog

As a team we maintain a blog to keep our fans informed on all the behind the scenes details so you can really see what it's like to be an Untamed model. Some of the things you can look forward to seeing on our blog are

* behind the scenes from shoots and events

* interviews

* vacations

* The girls out and about

* holidays and parties

* lots of exclusive photos and video footage

* thoughts and opinions

* tips and advice

* fashion tips