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Team News & Updates

Crew Casting call & photo shoot

Our annual crew casting brought in a great group of Untamed hopefuls. Be sure to let us know who your favorites are so that you can see them at more shoots and events in the future!

MTV Awards

The Untamed girls will be meeting up with our team in LA for a private celebrity event for the MTV Awards. Be sure to watch our live stream for a tour of the lounge, event updates, celebrity interviews, and a sneak peek at the live music all broadcasting in real time!

LA Models: Summer, Nia, Ashley, and Jordan.

Utah models: Andi James, Brooke Skyye, Jenna Foxx, Kayla, and Matt.

Celebrity Interviews by Cate G.

Red carpet Photography: Jon Henderson

Oscars Celebrity Lounge

Our Utah models will be joining our LA team for a private celebrity event for the Oscars. To read about this event and see more photos please visit our blog.

Utah Models: Andi James and Ber Seng

Utah Crew: Anja, Hailey, Adrian, and Kayla

LA Models: Jordan, Ashley, and Summer

Celebrity Interviews: Cate G.

Red Carpet Photographer: Jon Henderson

Sundance Film Festival

Our Untamed models and crew will be working multiple lounges throughout Sundance. Please follow our blog to see more photos and behind the scenes video of the event along with celebrity interviews, contests and prize give-aways for our fans, and to play our 'name that celebrity' game.

Untamed models: Andi James, Brooke Skyye, Sammi H.

Untamed Crew: Bart, Alex, Julienne, Andy, Megan, Anja, Hailey, Matt

Celebrity Interviews: Cate G.

Photoshoot: West Desert

The team will be shooting on the Salt Flats near Wendover for our net group shoot. You can expect to see guns, fire, and lots of new looks. As always we will have behind the scenes photos on our blog and the team will be doing a live broadcast from the shoot at 2pm MST. To watch the broadcast live go to our "Talk to the girls live' page in our fans section.

Sundance gets Untamed

The team will be working Sundance lounges and movies all week. They will also be attending Sundance parties all weekend. Stop by our blog for the scoop and behind the scenes photos. We will also be giving away passes to attend movies and parties throughout the week so stop by our contest page and don't forget to play our traditional game of 'Name that celeb!'

DVD Pre-sales

Because we have had so many requests for a dvd we are excited to announce that we are FINALLY able to begin filming for our dvd production! Ask and you shall receive ;) The much anticipated dvd set will begin filming this summer and will include 2 dvds, The Untamed House & Untamed Road trip. If you would like to get yourself on the pre-sale list please send us an email at [email protected]

Everyone on our pre-sale list will receive exclusive video out takes, previews, behind the scenes photos, fun facts, updates, and more!

Photoshoot: Winter Wonderland

All the Untamed girls will be coming together for a sexy outdoor snow shoot

Live Broadcast: Victoria Secret Fashion Show

It's an Untamed tradition for the team to watch the VS Fashion show together. This year the girls will be dressing up for the occasion and streaming live. We'll discuss our favorite angels, favorite outfits, love and dating, and do a fan Q&A session. We'll be giving away $500 worth of VS merchandise to participating fans.

Girls Gift Bags: Lotion or body spray, VS tank top, lip gloss, and $50 Gift card

Male gift bags: Lotion and cologne, travel kit, and $50 gift card


We are now taking orders for our 2013 calendar that will be available in late November early December. Pre-orders can be sent to [email protected]

Order yours today so you'll have it for our calendar release party and you can get it signed by all your favorite models!

Live Broadcast: Thanksgiving Dinner

Models Andi James, Alexa Tyler, Jenna Foxx, and Brooke Skyye will be broadcasting Thanksgiving day. Don't spend your Thanksgiving alone. Come talk to the girls live.

Text List

We are currently considering getting a text list started to let all of our supporters know what's going on at Untamed. This list would give you text alerts about live broadcasts, send you photo updates from shoots, and give you invites to events or contest info for prizes. We don't like spam so we would send no more than 4 texts a month and leave you with the option to unsubscribe at any time. We don't want to create something unnecessary so let us know if this is something you would like to participate in and if we get enough of a demand we'll get it started.

Live Broadcast: 2/17 with guest model KaiJin Park

Untamed models Andi James, Asiah Tanner, and Ber Seng will be chatting with you live about what's going on at Untamed, working the UFC fight night, and answering all your questions. Guest model KaiJin Park will be in attendance.

Our first live broadcast! 10/14

Andi James, Jenna Foxx, Alexa Tyler, and Brooke Skyye will be appearing on our new show Untamed after dark at 10/14 7pm MST. The girls will be answering your questions live! Submit questions at